How it works

Runs on top of Docker

Hadjo cluster nodes are Docker containers. Hadjo hides the complexities of manually building and interacting with containers on a virtual local network. Knowledge of Docker is not required.

Easy cluster management

First-time DEMO setups to get you started. Create and manage your own cluster (builds behind the scene your own Docker image and creates containers) with just a few mouse clicks. Easily add, remove and "crash" Hadoop nodes.

Interact with your cluster

Via Hadjo you can execute Linux commands on "master" or HDFS. A "Hello World" Yarn application (source code available) to get a taste is available. We also provide the famous "word count" MapReduce example to play on your cluster. See the tutorials

Totally free

Hadjo is a free software and can be used for educational and commercial purposes. See the terms

Hadjo architecture overview

GUI for Hadoop
over Docker

Hadjo is a free Windows, Linux and MacOS Desktop application. It is a GUI for rapid Hadoop(2.x and 3.x) cluster creation and management on your desktop. It possesses different features that allow developers, BI and enthusiasts to better understand, experiment with Hadoop, test Yarn applications and create custom made Docker images that can be deployed for own usages.

Hadjo behind the scenes asks Docker to add, modify, remove instances or execute commands on them. Hadjo calls Docker to apply the needed changes - ex. create a local Docker network (on your laptop, PC or macOS). Hadjo generates the Docker Buildfile and requests Docker to create an image that is used by all nodes of the cluster. Hadjo determines how to demand Docker to run an instance based on user selected software (ex. Java version) and node role - master or slave. All Docker interactions are done for you by Hadjo. No prior knowledge of Docker is required to use Hadjo for your purposes.

Some local OS host directories are mounted and used on the Linux nodes of your cluster and thus provides an easy access to HDFS file upload from your Windows, Mac or Linux and easy access via a mouse click to any of the Hadoop logs - master or slaves.

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All Platforms (Portable)
  • Download and extract
  • No installation is needed
  • To run double-click on the extracted file
  • Or run with "java -jar hadjo-21.12.1.jar"
  • Requires JRE 11 or newer
  • Requires Docker


Getting started

Welcome! We are excited that you want to learn Hadjo. The Hadjo Get Started Tutorial teaches you how to set up your Docker environment(if not set), install Hadjo on your Windows, Linux or MacOS and finally build and run one of the demo clusters with just a few mouse clicks. Let's go ...


Learn everything about Hadjo in this compilation of tutorials from the very basics of starting a cluster to more advanced topics like Hadoop configuration, running Yarn and MapReduce. Let's go ...

Hadoop Development Topics

Learn from a collection of topics related to Big Data, Hadoop introduction and architecture, development of Yarn applications, MapReduce concepts and more ... Let's go ...

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